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RIBA6375Woven fabric manifactured by Arthur Lee

RIBA6376Woven fabric manufactured by Metz & Co

RIBA16419Woven fabric manufactured for Metz & Co.

RIBA16423Woven fabric

RIBA25393Temporary shop used for the exhibition and sale of furniture and fabrics for James Turner at Bedford

RIBA29562Study of a piece of eighteenth century embroidery comprising a floral pattern

RIBA29570Study of an embroidered deacon's stole

RIBA48633St Oswald's, Tile Hill, Coventry: the nave looking towards the altar adorned by a textile with the figures of St Aidan and St Oswald by Gerald Holtom

RIBA52956SS Oriana: a female officier's cabin

RIBA60211The Log Cabin houseboat, Tagg's Island, Molesey Lock, Hampton Court, London, showing the embroidered awning

RIBA125774Two sketches of John Dory; one by Donald Gunn and one by Voysey

RIBA126144Study of a detail of a richly embroidered and bejewelled textile, perhaps of eastern manufacture

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