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RIBA10667House, Iowa City

RIBA10668House, Iowa City

RIBA18544Houses on North Forest Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois

RIBA18558Houses in Oak Park, Illinois

RIBA19695House in the Holmwood, near Dorking, Surrey

RIBA28148Restaurant extension, Whipsnade Zoo, seen from the paddock and gardens

RIBA31302Proposed design for the Royal Alfred Sailors' Home, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai (Bombay): perspective view

RIBA38999Plastered house with cast-iron verandah, High Ongar, Essex

RIBA42254Houses near Attleborough, Norfolk

RIBA42507'Queenslander', a typical Queensland farmhouse

RIBA47303Paired villas, Montpelier Villas, Brighton

RIBA48018Regency shop front with verandah, Norwich

RIBA49565One-storey house at Churt, Surrey: the south-east facing courtyard

RIBA50477House M, Westend, Berlin: the verandah

RIBA50561Railway station at Koewerich on the River Moselle

RIBA50569House on Vicarage Lane, Capel, Surrey: the verandah on the garden side

RIBA58479Officers' hostel, Chandigarh: the upper verandah

RIBA60067Northwards, Parktown, Johannesburg: the verandah

RIBA60068Northwards, Parktown, Johannesburg: the view from the verandah

RIBA60087Pilrig, Parktown, Johannesburg

RIBA61032Palazzo Borghese, via Borghese, Rome: the loggia on the via Ripetta facade facing the Tiber

RIBA64880House near Chester, Cheshire: the terrace and verandah

RIBA81300Plymouth Co-operative Society store, Royal Parade, Plymouth: detail of the upper storey

RIBA83536Hunsdon House, Hunsdon, Hertfordshire: perspective of garden front


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