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RIBA7076Cricket match featuring workers building the new Royal Institute of British Architects headquaters, London

RIBA7077Cricket match featuring workers building the new Royal Institute of British Architects headquarters, London

RIBA7078Cricket match featuring workers building the new Royal Institute of British Architects headquaters and the police intervening, London

RIBA12687Design for a labourer's cottage, Burton Court, Eardisland

RIBA14462Crittall's works, Witham, Essex: Rhodes press

RIBA14463Crittall's works, Witham, Essex: corner welder

RIBA14464Crittall's works, Witham, Essex: Rhodes trimmer

RIBA14465Crittall's works, Witham, Essex

RIBA18289Cox's farm in the Tennessee Valley Authority: farm hands load super-phosphate fertilizer on to a wagon

RIBA20623Design for a distillery: exterior perspective showing the two-storeyed building behind a railed courtyard with figures and a brewer's dray and cart on the street in the foreground

RIBA20624Design for a distillery: interior perspective showing distilling apparatus in the background and men moving large barrels

RIBA20739Design for a manager's house, Harbury, Warwickshire: plans, sections and elevations

RIBA21924Designs for Hungerford Market, Charing Cross, London: south-east view of the market from the wharf

RIBA22417Design for the title page of the Architectural Association Sketch Book, Volume 4, featuring a central illustration of Nuremberg's castle and Medieval buildings

RIBA24172Dome of Federal Senate under construction, National Congress buildings, Eixio Monumental, Brasilia

RIBA35544Drawings from 'A sketchbook in Egypt and Jordan': train back to Cairo and people working in the fields

RIBA35549Drawings from 'A sketchbook in Egypt and Jordan': scenes in Amman

RIBA35873Design for an office building on the corner of 157-159 Fenchurch Street, London: perspective view

RIBA46460Dubai Marina under construction

RIBA46461Dubai Marina under construction

RIBA49340Demountable pavilion designed for the USSR Trades Delegation: workers pause for a group photograph together with Lubetkin (first left)

RIBA88763Dock transit shed, Liverpool Docks

RIBA104849Corporation of Lloyd's Administrative Headquarters, Gun Wharf, Chatham, Kent: the open-plan office

RIBA109340European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF), Shinfield Park, Reading: computing the weather


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