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RIBA5854Professor Vittorio Gregotti

RIBA5855Victor David Gruen

RIBA5856Henry-Russell Hitchcock

RIBA5857Charles Henry Holden

RIBA5858Lord Holford attending the International Union of Architects (U.I.A) congress, London, 1961

RIBA5859Sir Michael Hopkins and Lady Patricia Hopkins with a model of Portcullis House, London

RIBA5860John Horbury Hunt and Lloyd Tayler

RIBA5861Sir Thomas Graham Jackson

RIBA5862Sir Austen Henry Layard

RIBA5863Lord Leighton

RIBA5864Karl Richard Lepsius

RIBA5865Arata Isozaki delivering his Royal Gold Medal address in the Jarvis Hall at the Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place, London

RIBA5866Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe

RIBA5867Eva Jiricna

RIBA5868Kisho Kurokawa

RIBA5869Sir Denys Lasdun

RIBA5870Le Corbusier in his Pavillon des Temps Nouveau at the Exposition Internationale des Arts et des Techniques dans la Vie Moderne, Paris 1937

RIBA5871William Lescaze

RIBA5872Peter Moro

RIBA5873William Morris

RIBA5874Lord Llewelyn-Davies

RIBA5875William Richard Lethaby

RIBA5876Sir Richard MacCormac and the Sainsbury Building Worcester College, Oxford

RIBA5877Sir Leslie Martin


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