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RIBA7963Villa dei Sette Bassi, via Latina, Rome

RIBA11694West Cross, the Round Tower and graveyard, Monasterboice

RIBA11695West Cross and the Round Tower, Monasterboice

RIBA12301Views of Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli: octagon of the Piccole Terme

RIBA12303Views of Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli: Tempio di Apollo nell'Accademia, Piccole Terme

RIBA12304Views of Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli: exterior of the vestibule of the Piazza d'Oro

RIBA12305Views of Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli: vestibule of the Piazza d'Oro

RIBA12306Views of Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli: Terme Grandi, view from the Sala Con Decorazione Parzialmente

RIBA12307Views of Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli: Terme Grandi

RIBA19723Wenlock Priory, Much Wenlock, Shropshire: ruins of the priory church

RIBA21092Views of Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli: Stessa Sala

RIBA21093Views of Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli: Tempio Ninfeo

RIBA21094Views of Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli: the Great Baths (Terme Grandi)

RIBA21884Wardour Castle, Wiltshire: view of the ruins

RIBA26790Waverley Abbey, Surrey: the remains of the chancel

RIBA31346Wenlock Priory Church, Much Wenlock, Shropshire: perspective view of the ruins

RIBA34489West Pier, Brighton

RIBA48890Whitby Abbey seen from the graveyard of St Mary, Whitby, North Yorkshire

RIBA49575Wentworth Castle folly, Wentworth House (originally known as Stainborough), near Barnsley, Yorkshire, seat of the Earl of Strafford

RIBA49579Welby Almshouses, Denton, Leicestershire

RIBA51932Warehouses near Cannon Street station, City of London

RIBA51946Warehouses seen from a bomb site, City of London

RIBA55272Walls in the Hill Complex of the Great Zimbabwe ruins

RIBA95139View of Zeyrek Camii (Church of Christ Pantocrator), Istanbul: view of the ruins after the fire of 25 December 1834


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