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RIBA84097View of the Temple of Fortune, Palestrina (formerly Praeneste): remains of the temple converted into a storeroom

RIBA30279View of the Temple of Rome and Augustus and the Temple of Poseidon, Pola (Pula), seen from the rear

RIBA12479View of the Temple of Theseus, Agora, Athens, from the south-west with workers shown in the foreground

RIBA21335View of the Temple of Thoth at Hermopolis near modern-day El Ashmunein

RIBA95924View of the Temple of Vespesian (here called the Temple of Mercury), Pompeii

RIBA22533View of three Neoclassical garden pavilions, including the Du Barry pavilion, Louveciennes and the Duc du Chartres's pavilion (possibly Parc Monceau), Paris

RIBA37168View showing the ghats (steps) and temple from the River Yamuna (Jumna), Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

RIBA21289Views on the Nile, Egypt

RIBA13905Vindhyagiri Hill and a water tank, Shravanabelagola

RIBA14022Viranarayana Temple, Cennakesava Temple Complex, Belur

RIBA14027Virupaksha Temple, Vijayanagar, Hampi: the gopuram

RIBA59150Walking under the oculus in the Pantheon, Rome

RIBA82220Wall painting found in a small temple in 1699, Vigna Naro (near Porta San Sebastiano), Rome

RIBA53200Wat Suthat Thepwararam, Bangkok: a pair of carved painted doors

RIBA10570West Norwood Cemetery, London: St Stephen's Mortuary Chapel in the Greek Orthodox cemetery

RIBA48793West Norwood Cemetery, London: St Stephen's Mortuary Chapel in the Greek Orthodox cemetery

RIBA48789West Norwood Cemetery, London: the Doric temple mausoleum of Eustratios Ralli in the Greek Orthodox cemetery

RIBA9046Wuta Si temple, Hohhot: a five pagoda building

RIBA13904Zojoji Temple complex, Shiba, Tokyo


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