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RIBA10099View of ancient Rome

RIBA16587Unidentified rock-cut temple

RIBA19631Two-storey gopura

RIBA20718View of Athens from the west showing the Acropolis restored

RIBA21489Unexecuted designs for national monuments to commemorate Waterloo and Trafalgar, probably for a site in St James's Park, London: perspective (Group I design)

RIBA22048View of an Egyptian temple interior

RIBA22049View of an Egyptian temple interior with an artist shown sketching the wall paintings in the foreground

RIBA22487View of an octastyle temple surrounded by a semi-circular colonnade, with two staircases descending in the foreground

RIBA30610Two obelisks seen through a gap in a ruined masonry wall, Egypt

RIBA31688Unidentified scene from Classical antiquity showing draped figures and naked dancers in an colonnaded temple or palace setting

RIBA37167View across the River Yamuna (Jumna) showing ghats (steps), riverside pavilions and temples, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

RIBA37169View across the River Yamuna (Jumna) showing ghats (steps), riverside pavilions and a temple, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

RIBA37170View across the River Yamuna (Jumna) of Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

RIBA55413Treasury of Athens, Delphi

RIBA55420Treasury of Athens, Delphi

RIBA66958Two soffits from the Temple of Bel (or Temple of the Sun), Palmyra

RIBA67129View of Athens from the south-west showing the Acropolis and the Olympeion

RIBA67448View of both temples (the Great Temple or Temple of Jupiter and the Temple of Bacchus) seen from the south, Baalbek

RIBA84189View of Palestrina (formerly Praeneste) from the great square from which vestiges of the Temple of Fortune can be seen

RIBA85792View of a curved and tunnel-vaulted chamber in the ruins of Palestrina (formerly Praeneste)

RIBA92098Triumphal arch to the side of the Temple of Jupiter, the Forum, Pompeii: elevation

RIBA94029Unexecuted design for Baha'i Temple, Tehran: plans, elevations and section of first design

RIBA113601Via del Teatro di Marcello, Rome, looking towards Santa Maria in Cosmedin, with the Tempii del Foro Olitorio (San Nicola in Carcere) on the right, and the Temple of Portunus beyond

RIBA125001View of an imaginary classical temple complex set within a mountainous bay, a procession winds its way through the buildings: perspective


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