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RIBA20158Unexecuted design for the Pantheon, Stapleash Farm, West Dean, West Sussex incorporating a row of caryatids

RIBA21024View of the restored Great Hall, Eltham Palace, London, including the hammer-beam roof

RIBA36617Unexecuted design for the proposed restoration of the ruins of St. Dwynwen's Priory Church (St Dwynwen's Chapel), Llanddwyn Island, Monmouthshire: perspective view

RIBA69146Tynwald, Buck's Road, Douglas: facade detail

RIBA69147Tynwald, Buck's Road, Douglas: plaque of the Tynwald

RIBA69148Tynwald, Buck's Road, Douglas: close-up of the decorated stucco facade and spherical portico

RIBA69149Tynwald, Buck's Road, Douglas: pedimented windows

RIBA103399View of the rear of a street of terraced houses in Camden, London with the Whittington Estate (formerly Highgate New Town) in the distance,

RIBA112102Villa Cavrois, Croix

RIBA112103Villa Cavrois, Croix

RIBA112104Villa Cavrois, Croix

RIBA112108Villa Cavrois, Croix

RIBA112116Villa Cavrois, Croix: looking towards the ornamental lake known as the reflecting pool

RIBA112123Villa Cavrois, Croix: the cylindrical stairtower

RIBA112124Villa Cavrois, Croix: the bottom of the stairtower seen from the garden elevation steps

RIBA112125Villa Cavrois, Croix: detail of the railing around the swimming pool

RIBA112126Villa Cavrois, Croix: looking along the terrace of the garden elevation

RIBA112133Villa Cavrois, Croix: the children's dining room, with relief by sculptors Jan and Joel Martel

RIBA112135Villa Cavrois, Croix

RIBA112139Villa Cavrois, Croix: detail of wall clock in the young master's room

RIBA112142Villa Cavrois, Croix: the curved window in the stairtower

RIBA112145Villa Cavrois, Croix: the boudoir dressing room

RIBA112149Villa Cavrois, Croix: detail of radiator

RIBA112150Villa Cavrois, Croix: desk and two chairs


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