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RIBA5280Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire: the Cedar Staircase

RIBA5281Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire

RIBA5282Grantham Town Hall, Lincolnshire: view of the clocktower with the statue of Isaac Newton in the foreground

RIBA5283Looking up Steep Hill towards the Cathedral with the Jew's House on the left, Lincoln

RIBA5284North Quad, All Souls College, Oxford

RIBA5285Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain

RIBA5286Divinity School, Oxford

RIBA5287Queen's College, Oxford: the library

RIBA5288Hall, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire

RIBA5289Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain

RIBA5290Folly garden, Downton, Wiltshire

RIBA5291Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain

RIBA5292Lincoln Cathedral: the west front seen from the castle

RIBA5293Steep Hill ascending to Castle Square, Lincoln

RIBA5294Stourhead, Wiltshire: the Italian room

RIBA5295Fountain, Trafalgar Square, London, at night

RIBA5296Portobello Road Market, London

RIBA5297One of the two sphinxes flanking Cleopatra's Needle, Victoria Embankment, London

RIBA5298Tower Bridge, London, looking upstream towards the pool of London with the bascules open

RIBA5299Royal Exchange,Threadneedle Street and Cornhill, City of London: the unfluted eight-column Corinthian portico

RIBA5300Coal Exchange, Lower Thames Street, City of London

RIBA5301Coal Exchange, Lower Thames Street, City of London

RIBA5302Central Markets, West Smithfield, City of London

RIBA5303Market warehouses, Crispin and Steward Streets, Spitalfields, London


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