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RIBA7045Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, Liverpool

RIBA9656Witley Court, Great Witley, Worcestershire: the giant portico on the south front

RIBA10570West Norwood Cemetery, London: St Stephen's Mortuary Chapel in the Greek Orthodox cemetery

RIBA17709Wrotham Park, Hertfordshire

RIBA18821Wanstead House, Wanstead, London

RIBA19582Watergate Street Row, Chester, Cheshire

RIBA22157Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire: south front design for a park building or loggia

RIBA24165Wormleybury, Wormely, Hertfordshire

RIBA32819Wilbury (Wilberry) House, Newton Tony, Wiltshire: elevation of the entrance facade

RIBA32983Witham Park, High Wittham, near Frome, Somerset, seat of Sir William Windham: elevation of the entrance front

RIBA36218Villa Valmarana, Lisiera: plan and elevation

RIBA36219Villa Trissino, Meledo, Sarego: plan and elevation

RIBA36221Villa Thiene, Quinto Vicentino: plan and elevation

RIBA36225Villa Sarego, La Miga: plan and elevation

RIBA53447Villa Valmarana, Lisiera

RIBA53448Villa Saraceno, Agugliaro: plan and elevation

RIBA54967Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, Liverpool

RIBA59175Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, Liverpool: the entrance portico flanked by a statue of Raphael on the left and of Michelangelo on the right

RIBA70561Virginia State Capitol, Richmond, Virginia

RIBA70562Virginia State Capitol, Richmond, Virginia

RIBA72363Watford Peace Memorial Hospital, Watford: the main front

RIBA72836Windmill Press, Kingswood, Surrey: the south-east front and goods reception area

RIBA85675Villa Verlato, Villaverla: plan and elevation

RIBA85678Villa Trevisan, San Dona di Piave: plan and elevation


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