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RIBA2731-18Richard Buckminster Fuller speaking in the Jarvis Halll at the RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London, on occasion of his being awarded the Institute's Gold Medal

RIBA2732-18Richard Buckminster Fuller

RIBA2733-18C. F. A. Voysey at the entrance to his home, The Orchard, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire

RIBA2768-20Berthold Lubetkin

RIBA2783-21Richard Rogers

RIBA2784-21Nicholas Grimshaw

RIBA2785-21Norman Foster

RIBA2800-21Nicholas Grimshaw

RIBA2803-21Berthold Lubetkin and members of Tecton

RIBA2808-21Alison and Peter Smithson

RIBA2809-21Sir Denys Lasdun

RIBA2810-21Eric Mendelsohn

RIBA2813-22Robert Venturi

RIBA2863-24Tadao Ando

RIBA2902-26Berthold Lubetkin in top hat beside caryatid at the entrance to Highpoint Two, North Hill, Highgate, London

RIBA2903-26Sir James Stirling

RIBA2904-27Sir Charles Barry

RIBA2908-27Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin

RIBA2909-27Sir Edwin Lutyens

RIBA2924-27Oscar Niemeyer

RIBA2932-28Sir Peter Shepheard

RIBA2937-28Pierre Vago

RIBA2972-30Sir Reginald Blomfield

RIBA2973-30Oliver Hill


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