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RIBA5201Control Building, London Airport

RIBA5202Control Building, London Airport: air traffic control

RIBA5608Croydon Airport, London: passenger aircraft

RIBA8119Croydon Airport: Imperial Airways' Handley Page HP45 'Heracles'

RIBA13324Design for an air terminal at St Enoch's Station for British European Airways, Glasgow

RIBA20242Design for the international baggage collection area at London City Airport

RIBA20395Design for an unidentified waterside office block with helicopter terminal

RIBA24504De Havilland Aircraft Company design offices, Hatfield, Hertfordshire

RIBA25249Control Building, London Airport

RIBA25254Custom House, Heathrow Airport, London

RIBA25255Custom House, Heathrow Airport, London, by night

RIBA25256Custom House, Heathrow Airport, London

RIBA33864Design for Prague Airport

RIBA33865Design for Prague Airport: the administration building

RIBA34638Design for Hendon aerodrome, London: aerial view showing raised runways and terminal building

RIBA35858Design for an airport

RIBA36418Design for an unidentified airport building: aerial perspective of the terminal building and runways

RIBA36739Design for Gatwick Airport: ground floor plan of the terminal building known as 'The Beehive'

RIBA36740Design for Gatwick Airport: first floor plan of the terminal building known as 'The Beehive'

RIBA36741Designs for Gatwick Airport: north elevation, east to west section and plans of the terminal building known as 'The Beehive'

RIBA36742Designs for Gatwick Airport: plan, section and axonometric projection of the control room and furniture in the terminal building known as 'The Beehive'

RIBA94144Design for Abadan International Airport, Abadan: airside perspective

RIBA125258Design, as executed, for Shiraz Airport, Shiraz

RIBA125260Design for Abadan International Airport, Abadan: landside perspective


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