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RIBA8210Gloucester Cathedral: fan vaulting with honeycomb tracery in the cloister

RIBA22321Genoa Cathedral: detail of a carved capital in the cloister

RIBA22322Genoa Cathedral: detail of a carved capital in the cloister

RIBA26763Forde Abbey, Thorncombe, Dorset: detail of the cloister windows

RIBA26909Gloucester Cathedral: the fan-vaulted monks' lavatorium at the west end of the cloisters

RIBA27799Former Collegiate Church of St Stephan, Mainz: view into the cloister courtyard from the tower

RIBA40745Extension of St Benedict's Abbey, Vaals: the open arcade separating the upper cloister from the surrounding garden

RIBA46258Franciscan monastery: the cloister and well head

RIBA48649Durham Cathedral: the west towers and cloisters

RIBA48898Douai Abbey, Woolhampton, Reading: the cloister within the Junior and Noviciate building

RIBA60344Durham Cathedral: the cloisters

RIBA60390Durham Cathedral: the door in the north-east corner of the cloister leading into the south aisle

RIBA91942Gloucester Cathedral: the fan vaulted cloister

RIBA100844Examples of Romanesque architecture: plans, perspectives and details

RIBA100845Examples of Italian Romanesque architecture

RIBA100846Examples of Italian Romanesque architectural features from ecclesiastical buildings: perspectives and details

RIBA100850Examples of Romanesque architectural features from central Europe

RIBA100908Examples of Gothic architecture in Spain; A) high altar, Saragossa Cathedral; B) Chapel of Santiago, Toledo; C) Cloister, St. Juan de Los Reyes, Toledo; D) doorway to Capilla de los Reyes, Granada Cathedral

RIBA100909Examples of Gothic architectural features in Spain

RIBA100920Examples of Italian Renaissance architectural features

RIBA102396Golders Green Crematorium, London: the West Chapel and cloisters

RIBA102398Golders Green Crematorium, London: the West Chapel, cloister and East Columbarium

RIBA102400Golders Green Crematorium, London: the cloisters looking east

RIBA102409Golders Green Crematorium, London: the cloisters looking east


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