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RIBA2521-9German military fortifications, Agde

RIBA10602German military fortifications, Agde

RIBA16781Fortification plan for a heptagonal city

RIBA22661Fountain of Charles V and the Puerta Judiciaria (Gate of Judgment), The Alhambra, Granada: perspective view

RIBA37193Fortress crowning the hill above Krishnagiri, Chennai (Madras)

RIBA45942Fort William and the Red Road, Kolkata (Calcutta)

RIBA48230Gatehouse or Lord's Tower, Doune Castle, Stirling

RIBA53207Fort Phra Sumen on the confluence of the Chao Phraya River and Banglamphu Canal, Bangkok: the canon ramparts and observation tower

RIBA55481Gardjola watch tower, Senglea

RIBA66407General view of the fort and surrounding buildings overlooking a lake, Tukary

RIBA66799Galata Tower with a section of the remaining Genoese wall, Istanbul

RIBA87540Fort Fareham, Fareham, Hampshire

RIBA87541Fort Fareham, Fareham, Hampshire: workshops inserted into the arches

RIBA87542Fort Fareham, Fareham, Hampshire

RIBA87543Fort Fareham, Fareham, Hampshire: the old billiard room

RIBA89256Fort Brockhurst, near Gosport, Hampshire: the landward side

RIBA89257Fort Brockhurst, near Gosport, Hampshire: the inner courtyard

RIBA89258Fort Brockhurst, near Gosport, Hampshire: the entrance

RIBA89259Fort Brockhurst, near Gosport, Hampshire

RIBA89260Fort Brockhurst, near Gosport, Hampshire

RIBA89262Fort Brockhurst, near Gosport, Hampshire

RIBA89263Fort Brockhurst, near Gosport, Hampshire

RIBA89267Fort Brockhurst, near Gosport, Hampshire: earthworks

RIBA91727Fort Saint Jean de Marseille


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