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RIBA25866Woman's Fair, Olympia, London: the electrical section

RIBA28007Woman in stilettoes ironing

RIBA36330Views of well-designed modern kitchens illustrating the benefits of judiciously-placed appliances including a high oven, vegetable storage under the refridgerator, continuous working surfaces and drawers without handles

RIBA36331Views of well-designed modern kitchens including an example in a prefabricated house

RIBA44006Westbourne Estate, Westbourne Road, Islington, London: the kitchen of one of the houses

RIBA50365Westminster Hospital, Horseferry Road, Westminster, London: a ward kitchen

RIBA56500Welfare centre for the North Thames Gas Board, Beckton Products Works, East Ham, London: the kitchen with glazed aluminium hood over the cooking equipment

RIBA56934Westminster Theatre Arts Centre, Palace Street, Buckingham Palace Road, London: the kitchen at basement level

RIBA85084Working drawings for the kitchen chimney and hopper (canopy), Ashridge Park, Hertfordshire, for the 7th Earl of Bridgewater: pencil drawing of the stoves

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