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RIBA4718Sign language system for the deaf and dumb

RIBA10537Sculpture entitled 'The Family' in its original location outside St Mary of Latton Church, Mark Hall, Harlow, Essex

RIBA20764Sketch after Titian's altarpiece painting entitled The Martydom of St Peter, a Dominican Monk, originally from the Church of SS. Giovanni e Paolo, Venice

RIBA20785Sketch possibly depicting the Virgin Mary, after an Italian painting

RIBA20884Sketch of biblical figures probably taken from an Old Master painting

RIBA20905Sketch of a man holding a lance probably taken from an Old Master painting

RIBA20926Sketch of a bearded man's face probably taken from an Old Master painting

RIBA21140Sketches of figures from Classical mythology taken from Italian Renaissance sculptures or paintings

RIBA21160Sketches of Medieval costume with notes on colour copied from original Italian paintings: figures include a knight wearing chainmail armour, a cardinal, Florentine magistrates, a notary and a French nobleman

RIBA21298Sketch of the three female figures of the Greek Fates (Moirae) shown spinning and cutting thread: probably taken from an Italian Renaissance painting or fresco

RIBA29301Sketch of a peasant woman standing by a rustic vaulted staircase

RIBA29514Sketch of a Parian bas-relief depicting a Bacchic processsion dedicated to the Nymphs at the Grotto of Agios Mua, Paros

RIBA29522Sketch of three male nude figures with individual portrait studies

RIBA29526Sketch of a kneeling, partially draped female nude offering a dish

RIBA29527Sketch of a kneeling, partially draped female nude offering a dish of food to a reclining woman

RIBA29574Sketch of a bas-relief incorporating three figures and an ancient Greek inscription from the church of Crosoliotissa

RIBA29575Sketch of a fragment of Classical sculpture at Merenda showing the lower part of two draped figures

RIBA29576Sketch of a bas-relief featuring three figures, Merenda

RIBA31737Sketch of a hand with descriptive text

RIBA32163Sketched 'Tarrocchi' (tarocchi or tarot) card figures showing the 'Imperator' (emperor) and 'Rex' (king) characters

RIBA32165Sketches of figures in Italian Medieval dress with a lynx motif from the arms of Lionel d'Este, after studies by V. Pisano and Amadio da Milano

RIBA80305Sign language system for the deaf and dumb

RIBA94095Sketches of carved decoration incorporating a variety of human and animal forms

RIBA125890Sketch of Christ in Majesty


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