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RIBA62644Storage handlers at work in a Sainbury's supermarket depot

RIBA10719Tantallon Castle and Bass Rock, East Lothian, with farm machinery in the foreground

RIBA42587The Engineerium, Nevill Road, Hove: a restored beam engine

RIBA63440The Miner Comes to Town Exhibition, Central Office of Information (C.O.I.) Exhibition Centre, Marble Arch, London: the pit-head bandstand erected in steel scaffolding in Hyde Park

RIBA34921Thorn works, Spennymoor: assembly lines

RIBA42581Ulster Museum extension, Botanic Gardens, Belfast: the machine hall seen from the entrance

RIBA101155Unidentified aircraft factory

RIBA101154Unidentified aircraft factory

RIBA101054Unidentified boiler room

RIBA101042Unidentified boiler room

RIBA101108Unidentified factory interior

RIBA23323Water-powered forge

RIBA23322Water-powered saw

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