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RIBA10719Tantallon Castle and Bass Rock, East Lothian, with farm machinery in the foreground

RIBA15032Royal Masonic Hospital, Ravenscourt Park, London: the machinery room with main sterilizers

RIBA15678Royal Masonic Hospital, Ravenscourt Park, London: the doors to the sterilisers

RIBA23322Water-powered saw

RIBA23323Water-powered forge

RIBA23324Rolling mill used in the manufacture of silver, gold, iron and other metals

RIBA34921Thorn works, Spennymoor: assembly lines

RIBA42581Ulster Museum extension, Botanic Gardens, Belfast: the machine hall seen from the entrance

RIBA42587The Engineerium, Nevill Road, Hove: a restored beam engine

RIBA62644Storage handlers at work in a Sainbury's supermarket depot

RIBA62648Storage handler operating a hand forklift in the cold storage area of a Sainsbury's depot

RIBA63440The Miner Comes to Town Exhibition, Central Office of Information (C.O.I.) Exhibition Centre, Marble Arch, London: the pit-head bandstand erected in steel scaffolding in Hyde Park

RIBA71939Stanley Mill, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire: the machinery on the upper floor

RIBA77465Ship's capstan on the waterfront at Lowestoft, Suffolk

RIBA101042Unidentified boiler room

RIBA101054Unidentified boiler room

RIBA101108Unidentified factory interior

RIBA101154Unidentified aircraft factory

RIBA101155Unidentified aircraft factory

RIBA101165Science and metalwork laboratory for an unidentified school

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