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RIBA10835Design for Villa Rocca Pisani, Lonigo, near Vicenza: plan and elevation

RIBA16911Design for a Tuscan gate

RIBA28582Design for Villa Pisani, Bagnolo: facade and plan

RIBA32790Design for Wanstead House, London, for Sir Richard Child, Viscount Castlemaine: elevation of the west front (second scheme)

RIBA35011Design for Burlington House, Piccadilly, London: the great gate

RIBA36140Design for the Wellcome Foundation Research Institute (later The Wellcome Trust), Euston Road, Camden, London: perspective view of the entrance front

RIBA36232Design for Villa Mocenigo, Dolo on the Brenta river near Vicenza: elevation and plan

RIBA36521Design for the Custom House, Wall Street, New York: perspective and plan of the principal floor

RIBA36638Design for alterations and additions to Greenbank, Chester, Cheshire, for E. Peter Jones Esq.: elevations

RIBA36676Design for the Ashmolean Museum and Taylorian Institute, Oxford: detail of pediment sculpture

RIBA37406Design for a rusticated window, probably for Sir Robert Walpole's 'New Design'

RIBA66117Designs for a lodge, temple or small town house: elevation of a front of 3 bays with giant Ionic pilasters and a pediment

RIBA66291Design for office buildings for Johann Wilhelm, Dusseldorf: elevation with flap down showing central bay and pediment design

RIBA81182Design for Bush House, Aldwych, London: details of the box gutter over the pediment at the main entrance

RIBA81184Design for Bush House, Aldwych, London: central feature on west elevation, 7th floor to roof, including plan, elevation and sections

RIBA82023Design for Whitehall Palace, London: second floor elevation and plan of the middle of one side of the palace within the great court

RIBA82413Design for a villa for John Robinson, Esq.: elevation of entrance front

RIBA95126Design for a terrace of 15 houses: plan of the facade and elevation

RIBA95127Design for a terrace of 14 houses: elevation

RIBA95383Design for a villa adapted to park scenery: plan and perspective

RIBA96749Designs for a five-bay villa with one-bay end pavilions: principal floor plan and front elevation

RIBA99932Design for an entrance gate or pavilion: the first storey has three arches, the second storey shows alternative designs and the whole surmounted by a central curved pediment

RIBA125137Design for the facade of the Galerie de la Reine (now Galerie de Diane) at the Chateau of Fontainebleau

RIBA125693Design for the central doorway of an entrance screen with plan beneath and alternative designs to left and right


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