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RIBA7899Post Office, Mumbai (Bombay): view of the dome under construction

RIBA13634New Temple Emanu-El, 43rd Street and 5th Avenue, New York: under construction

RIBA14563Odeon cinema, Leicester Square under construction, London: the erection of the tower structure in August

RIBA20593Propylaea, Athens: perspective view showing the structure surrounded by scaffolding during its restoration

RIBA24249Palace of Baturin, Chernihiv Oblast: view of the pedimented front during Lukomsky's restoration

RIBA34856Palazzo del Lavoro, Centenery Exhibition (Italia 61), Turin, under construction

RIBA39770Phase 2 housing under construction, Queen Mother Square, Poundbury, Dorset

RIBA46473Port of Liverpool Building (or 'Dock Offices'), Pier Head, Liverpool, as seen in October 1904 while under construction

RIBA48443Orthodox Church, Sanmihaiu Almasului, Salaj

RIBA49508Phase 1, Priory Green Estate (formerly known as the Busaco Street Estate), Collier Street, Finsbury, London: typical four-storey block under construction showing reinforced concrete box-frame structure

RIBA59651Odeon cinema, Leicester Square, under construction, London: the tower nearing completion in September 1937

RIBA62213Pye radio telephones in use on the restoration of York Minster

RIBA62214Pye radio telephones in use on the restoration of York Minster

RIBA62216Pye radio telephones in use on the restoration of York Minster

RIBA73523Palace of Industry North, Empire Exhibition, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow: the staircase hall

RIBA88906Paternoster Square, City of London: the north side of Cathedral Place with the dome of St Paul's Cathedral in the background

RIBA106725Odeon, Llanelli, under construction

RIBA106726Odeon, Llanelli, under construction

RIBA106727Odeon, Llanelli, under construction

RIBA106728Odeon, Llanelli, under construction

RIBA106729Odeon, Llanelli, under construction

RIBA106730Odeon, Llanelli, under construction

RIBA106890Prince of Wales Museum, Bombay, under construction

RIBA106891Prince of Wales Museum, Bombay: the central section and dome under construction


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