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RIBA7929Buildings around the Piazza del Campidoglio seen from the side of the stepped ramp, or Cordonata, Rome

RIBA8176Butchers' Guild Hall (Knochenhauer-Amtshaus) and the Roland fountain (Rolandsbrunnen), Marktplatz, Hildesheim, Lower Saxony

RIBA9401Building of the General Staff, St Petersburg seen from Palace Square

RIBA10098Capitol and the steps of Santa Maria in Arcoeli

RIBA17001Campanile of San Marco, Venice, after collapse

RIBA17002Campanile of San Marco, Venice, being rebuilt after collapse

RIBA26662Campo dei Santi Apostoli, Venice

RIBA26701Campo Santa Maria Mater Domini, Venice

RIBA26988Campo San Geremia with Palazzo Labia on the left and the church of San Geremia on the right, Venice

RIBA27051Campo Bandiera e Moro, Venice

RIBA38068Campo Ghetto Nuovo seen from a bridge, Venice

RIBA38110Campo dell'Angelo Raffaele with Istrian stone well-head, Venice

RIBA38133Campo Santa Maria Formosa, Venice: street market

RIBA40386Canary Wharf London Underground Station entrance by night, Docklands, London

RIBA41878Carre apartment block, Chasse Park, Breda

RIBA47846Canada House and Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London, seen from the south-west on the corner of Warwick House Street, St James's

RIBA55550Camara Municipal (town hall) and the Praca da Republica with the castle behind, Tomar

RIBA62688Bull Ring shopping centre, Birmingham

RIBA62698Bull Ring shopping centre square, Birmingham

RIBA74536Campo San Polo, Venice

RIBA89710Campo San Giacomo di Rialto with the Church of San Giacometo, Venice

RIBA89757Campo dei Fiori, Rome

RIBA89859Campo del Nuovo Ghetto, Venice: corner of a building

RIBA112802Campo dei Fiori, Rome


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