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RIBA2501-8Villa E.1027, Cap Martin, Roquebrune

RIBA2502-8Tempe a Pailla, Castellar: terrace with folding S chair

RIBA2597-12Villa E.1027, Cap Martin, Roquebrune: table on the terrace

RIBA3255-49Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London: the sliding, folding doors to sixth floor roof terrace

RIBA5343Town house with wrought- iron first-floor verandah, corner of Field Court and Jockey's Fields, Gray's Inn, Holborn, London

RIBA8825'Shangri-la', Milvil Road, Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire: the garden front

RIBA13734Thomas H. Hitchcock house, Narragansett and Ochre Point Avenues, Newport

RIBA13735Thomas H. Hitchcock house, Narragansett and Ochre Point Avenues, Newport

RIBA14469Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London: sliding, folding doors leading onto the verandah

RIBA14476Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London: the foyer at level 6 looking out onto the verandah

RIBA14813Sutton Hall, Hall Lane, Sutton on the Hill, Derbyshire

RIBA17952Tyroler apartment building, Harangvirag utca, Budapest: the garden terrace with a small pool

RIBA19960Venezuelan Pavilion, 1958 World's Fair, Brussels: the verandah with 'Diamond' armchairs designed by Harry Bertoia

RIBA22016View of a house, Yelverton, Devon

RIBA25968Tarvaspaa, Gallen-Kallela Museum, Gallen-Kallelantine 27, Espoo: the Linudden Villla, verandah detail

RIBA29297Topographical drawing of 'Home Cottage', in an unknown location

RIBA29485Sarsden Rectory, Sarsden, Oxfordshire: perspective view and plan

RIBA38883Terraced houses with canopied balconies, Brighton

RIBA49935Three-storeyed townhouse with wrought-iron verandah, Dawlish, Devon

RIBA50209Verandah of an unidentified modern house

RIBA51777Seamore Place, Park Lane, London

RIBA51909School at Littlehampton, West Sussex: the babies' room block

RIBA52970SS Oriana: the Veranda Deck

RIBA64942Timber house at Woodford Green, London: the verandah


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