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RIBA5878Sven Markelius

RIBA5879John Maltby

RIBA5880Sir Robert H. Matthew

RIBA5881Sir Edward Brantwood Maufe at his drawing board

RIBA5882Charles Follen McKim

RIBA5883Richard Meier book signing at the RIBA

RIBA5884Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

RIBA5885Raymond Myerscough-Walker

RIBA5886Pier Luigi Nervi

RIBA5887William Eden Nesfield

RIBA5888Ragnar Ostberg

RIBA5889Wyatt Papworth

RIBA5890Lewis Mumford

RIBA5891Edward Brian O'Rorke seen at his drawing board

RIBA5893John Loughborough Pearson

RIBA5894Sir James Pennethorne

RIBA5895Auguste Perret

RIBA5896Charles John Phipps

RIBA5897Renzo Piano with model of roof for office buildings in Vicenza at the RIBA '25 Years of Projects' exhibition

RIBA5898Stephen Rowland Pierce on site, Norwich City Hall

RIBA5899Reima Pietila and Raili Pietila

RIBA5901Sir John Rennie

RIBA5902Sir Albert Edward Richardson

RIBA5903Edward Robert Robson


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