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RIBA92952Bauhaus building, Dessau: the student accommodation, with the lower block housing the canteen and auditorium in the foreground

RIBA92953Bauhaus building, Dessau: the workshop wing

RIBA92954Bauhaus building, Dessau: the concrete support in the workshop wing

RIBA92955Bauhaus building, Dessau: detail of a door handle

RIBA92956Bauhaus building, Dessau: detail of painted concrete ceiling beams

RIBA92957Bauhaus building, Dessau: the technical school and administration bridge block

RIBA92958Bauhaus building, Dessau: the administration block link bridge

RIBA92959Bauhaus building, Dessau

RIBA92960Bauhaus building, Dessau

RIBA92961Bauhaus building, Dessau

RIBA92962Bauhaus building, Dessau: the link bridge administration block between the two main blocks

RIBA92963Bauhaus building, Dessau: detail of the lettering above the main entrance

RIBA92964Bauhaus building, Dessau: the main entrance

RIBA92965Bauhaus building, Dessau: corner detail of the workshop wing

RIBA92966Bauhaus building, Dessau: the workshop wing with the student accommodation behind

RIBA92967Georg Muche / Oskar Schlemmer's house, Dessau

RIBA92968Georg Muche / Oskar Schlemmer's house, Dessau

RIBA92969Georg Muche / Oskar Schlemmer's house, Dessau

RIBA92970Georg Muche / Oskar Schlemmer's house, Dessau

RIBA9328445 Park Lane, London, nearing completion

RIBA94505Menu card for dinner in honour of Professor Walter Gropius on March 9th, 1937, at the Trocadero Restaurant, Piccadilly, London, 'on the occasion of his leaving England for Havard University': the toasts, menu and front cover

RIBA94519C.I.A.M Conference 1947, Bridgwater, Somerset: group photograph of the participants on a visit to the Bristol Aeroplane Company, including Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Erno Goldfinger, Maxwell Fry, Jane Drew, and Wells Coates

RIBA106508Walter Gropius

RIBA111210Page from 'Grandes Constructions'


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