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Village College, Impington: the covered way along the classroom wing looking to the entrance pavilion from the promenadeRIBA46812

Village College, Impington: the side of the assembly hall and two-storey block containing the domestic science and art roomsRIBA46806

Village College, Impington: view from the covered way looking across the grass courts towards the two-storey blockRIBA11574

Village College, Impington: view from the west showing the assembly hall entrance and two-storey block containing the domestic science and art roomsRIBA11572

Village College, Impington: view of the end of the classroom wingRIBA11174

Village College, Impington: west side of the adult recreation wingRIBA24091

Menu card for dinner in honour of Professor Walter Gropius on March 9th, 1937 at the Trocadero Restaurant, Piccadilly, London, 'on the occasion of his leaving England for Havard University': the seating plan, guest list and portrait of the guest of honourRIBA30717

C.I.A.M. Conference, Bridgwater, Somerset: the Mayor of Bridgwater welcoming the members at the Bridgwater Arts Centre: sitting left to right, S. Papadaki, G. Samuel, J. L. Sert, the Mayor, Van Eesteren, Sigfried Giedion and Walter GropiusRIBA30554

45 Park Lane, London, nearing completionRIBA93284

Bauhaus Archiv Museum of Design, BerlinRIBA54471

Bauhaus building, DessauRIBA92942

Bauhaus building, DessauRIBA92945

Bauhaus building, DessauRIBA92946

Bauhaus building, DessauRIBA92959

Bauhaus building, DessauRIBA92960

Bauhaus building, DessauRIBA92961

Bauhaus building, DessauRIBA9112

Bauhaus building, Dessau: detail of a door handleRIBA92955

Bauhaus building, Dessau: detail of the Bauhaus signRIBA92862

Bauhaus building, Dessau: detail of the Bauhaus signRIBA92863

Bauhaus building, Dessau: the main hallRIBA92864

Bauhaus building, Dessau: the administration block link bridgeRIBA92958

Bauhaus building, Dessau: the concrete support in the workshop wingRIBA92954

Bauhaus building, Dessau: the entrance to the technical schoolRIBA92950


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