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RIBA20663Sketch designs for a communion table for the chapel for the Old Royal Naval College (Royal Naval Hospital), Greenwich, London

RIBA36980Sketchbook of designs: tabernacle frame, St Lawrence, Mereworth, Kent

RIBA45060San Giovanni in Laterano, Rome

RIBA54899St Bartholomew, Newton Road, Ipswich: the high altar

RIBA60047St George's Cathedral, Cape Town: the high altar

RIBA65900Sketches of scoll brackets, apparently relating to designs for baroque altars

RIBA72441St Barbara's Church, HMS Excellent, Whale Island, Portsmouth, Hampshire

RIBA77523Santa Maria Maggiore, Francavilla al Mare: the altar looking towards the entrance

RIBA93037Santa Maria di Constantinopoli, Naples: the high altar

RIBA93038Santa Maria degli Angeli alle Croci, Naples: the altar

RIBA93040SS Severino e Sosso, Naples: the high altar

RIBA93042Santa Maria la Nova, Naples: the high altar

RIBA93050Santa Maria della Sanita, Naples: detail of the steps of the high altar

RIBA93053Santa Maria delle Grazie a Caponapoli, Naples: the high altar

RIBA93056Santa Maria del Carmine, Naples: the choir and high altar

RIBA93065San Pietro ad Aram, Naples: detail of the baldacchino over the altar of St Peter

RIBA93072Santa Maria in Portico, Naples: the high altar

RIBA93073Santa Maria di Constantinopoli, Naples: detail of the high altar

RIBA93078San Gregorio Armeno, Naples: detail of the altar rails

RIBA94071Sketch of an altar or pulpit

RIBA100001St George's Chapel, Windsor: the nave with the altar in foreground, and the verger stitching the altar cloth

RIBA100934Santa Maria della Consolazione, Todi (A-C); Il Gesu, Rome (E-H): plans, sections, perspectives and detail

RIBA106516St Barnabas, Kent County Hospital, Canterbury: altar and reredos in chapel

RIBA136045Santa Maria della Vita, Bologna: looking towards the altar


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