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RIBA3287-50Balcony of flat in Sweden

RIBA4453Asmara Theatre, Harnet Avenue / Beleza Street: the auditorium

RIBA8265Arlington House, St James's, London

RIBA8266Arlington House, St James's, London

RIBA8268Arlington House, St James's, London

RIBA14505Arden House, North Finchley, London: a general view with the pram shelters in the foreground

RIBA29201Arundel House, Strand, London: survey plan of the garden with details of an 'Italyan' grate, window and gateway

RIBA34152Arts and cultural centre, Sines: view from the thoroughfare leading from the sea

RIBA36468Ardenrun Place, Blindley Heath, Crowhurst, Surrey: perspective view of the garden front

RIBA36469Ardenrun Place, Blindley Heath, near Lingfield, Surrey: perspective view of the entrance porch

RIBA44053Assembly hall, Bootham School, York

RIBA47605Ashton Memorial, Williamson Park, Lancaster: balcony detail

RIBA47706Artisans' housing, Flower and Dean Walk, Spitalfields, London

RIBA55700Arden House, North Finchley, London

RIBA56572Assembly Rooms, Market Place, Derby: the reception foyer

RIBA56575Assembly Rooms, Market Place, Derby: the small hall

RIBA57662Bains de la Sauveniere public baths, Liege: the shallow children's pool prior to being filled

RIBA59752Astoria cinema, Marshfield Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire: the auditorium seen from circle left

RIBA60674Assembly Rooms, Market Place, Derby: the small hall

RIBA74020Arbour House, Stepney, London

RIBA74021Arbour House, Stepney, London

RIBA74022Arbour House, Stepney, London

RIBA74023Arbour House, Stepney, London: the inner courtyard

RIBA103216Artists' houses and studios, St Peter's Wharf, Hammersmith, London


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