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RIBA4562Canterbury Cathedral: Bell Harry Tower

RIBA5449Campanile, Piazza del Duomo, Florence

RIBA5623Canterbury Cathedral: Bell Harry Tower

RIBA6510Canalside on the island of Burano, The Venetian Lagoon

RIBA9089Castle at Fougeres, Brittany

RIBA14009Cathedral of Notre Dame (Liebfrauenmunster zu Strasburg), Strasbourg, seen from the south

RIBA26632Cannaregio Canal with church of San Geremia and Palazzo Labia, Venice

RIBA26833Canterbury Cathedral: Bell Harry tower

RIBA38546Cannon Street looking towards St Paul's Cathedral, City of London

RIBA47527Candleriggs looking towards Ramshorn (St David's) Kirk on Ingram Street, Merchant City, Glasgow

RIBA48477Cathedral Church of St Philip, Birmingham

RIBA48530Canterbury Cathedral, seen from the south

RIBA48531Canterbury Cathedral, seen from the south

RIBA48533Canterbury Cathedral, seen from the east

RIBA48543Canterbury Cathedral: framed view from Bell Harry tower of the south-west and north-west towers

RIBA48555Canterbury Cathedral: Bell Harry tower seen from the monastic ruins

RIBA50641Campanile of the church of Sant'Antonio, Fara in Sabina, Lazio

RIBA51305Campanile of the Church of San Gottardo in Corte, via Palazzo Reale, with Torre Velasca in the centre background, Milan

RIBA58849Campanile of the Church of San Gottardo in Corte with the Duomo in the background, Milan

RIBA58960Carlisle Cathedral, Cumbria

RIBA60801Cathedral of Notre Dame et St Castor, Nimes

RIBA60917Cathedral of Notre Dame (Liebfrauenmunster zu Strasburg), Strasbourg, seen from the south

RIBA61149Cathedral (Munster), Basel, seen from across the Rhine

RIBA66525Campanili of San Pietro Castello and San Giorgio dei Greci in Venice and the Torre di Piazza in Vicenza


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