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RIBA9481West walls of Dubrovnik from Minceta tower

RIBA16557View of Lucca

RIBA19581Water Tower and city walls, Chester, Cheshire

RIBA20270Topographical drawing showing a view of the walled town of Briancon, Hautes Alpes, depicting part of the fortifications and a stone archway

RIBA21014View of the Porta Borsari (Roman Gateway), Verona

RIBA31313Views of York architecture, including interior and exterior perspectives of York Minster, the Guildhall, Marygate Tower and the ruins of St Mary's Abbey

RIBA41345The town wall, Essaouira

RIBA48225West Gate leading out onto West Quay, Town Wall, Southampton

RIBA48226Town Wall, Southampton

RIBA51334Traffic flow around the old city walls at Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem

RIBA54075The West Walls with the Walker Monument, Londonderry

RIBA55272Walls in the Hill Complex of the Great Zimbabwe ruins

RIBA55383The Yedikule along the Byzantine (or Theodosian) land-walls, Istanbul

RIBA58895Yedi Kardes tower, Diyarbekr

RIBA60307Walmgate Bar, York

RIBA74510Tossa del Mar, Costa Brava

RIBA84029View of Chapel Bar, Nottingham

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