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RIBA6720St Mary, Chartham, Kent: monumental brass of Sir Robert de Septvans (d.1306) depicted as a knight lying cross-legged in chainmail

RIBA6844St Peter, Wenhaston, Suffolk: detail of a large Doom, or Last Judgement, painting in oil on boards

RIBA6912St Mary's Priory Church, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire: detail of the carved figure of Jesse

RIBA9219St Peter and St Paul, East Harling, Norfolk: stained glass panel from the east window depicting Sir Robert Wingfield

RIBA20945Studies of Classical stone fragments depicting figures carved in bas relief

RIBA21160Sketches of Medieval costume with notes on colour copied from original Italian paintings: figures include a knight wearing chainmail armour, a cardinal, Florentine magistrates, a notary and a French nobleman

RIBA22877Studies for putti, a shield and a reclining figure, probably intended for the decoration of a compartmented ceiling

RIBA29489Studies of four antique statues

RIBA29491Studies of antique statues

RIBA29492Studies of antique statues

RIBA29496Studies of antique statues

RIBA29497Studies of antique statues

RIBA29498Studies of antique statues

RIBA29499Studies of antique statues

RIBA29523Sketches of nude and draped Classical figures in various attitudes, including a male prising open the jaws of a lion

RIBA29524Sketches of nude and draped Classical figures in various attitudes

RIBA29525Sketches of putti one of whom has a small bird perched on its finger

RIBA32164Sketches of two Renaissance paintings showing the Madonna with Christ as a boy, possibly by Rafaello Sanzio (Raphael)

RIBA32165Sketches of figures in Italian Medieval dress with a lynx motif from the arms of Lionel d'Este, after studies by V. Pisano and Amadio da Milano

RIBA35640Studies of male and female figures copied from Renaissance prints or paintings

RIBA35992Studies of gargoyle faces: frontal and profile sketches

RIBA68178Studies of female figures and an eagle

RIBA94080Studies of a female nude, two soldiers or knights in roundels and a female figure

RIBA94081Studies of an angel, female figures and a group of fishermen (or possibly Christ and apostles?)


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