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RIBA5000Palazzo Borromeo, Isola Bella, Lago Maggiore: decorative iron railings

RIBA5074Old Weir on the River Thames at Bray: handrail with decorative curls

RIBA10683Ornate cast iron railings of an unidentified building

RIBA10801Moray Place, New Town, Edinburgh

RIBA10816Leopold Place, New Town, Edinburgh

RIBA17238Marliave Restaurant, Bosworth Street, Boston, Massachusetts: stepped entrance

RIBA17505Passageway, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire

RIBA19421Overhanging wing of Regatta Restaurant, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London

RIBA22730Mount Zion Calvinist Chapel, Ker Street, Devonport, Plymouth: elevation and detail

RIBA42324Palatine Chapel, Aachen Cathedral Kaiserdom): detail of bronze railings of the upper gallery

RIBA42325Palatine Chapel, Aachen Cathedral (Kaiserdom): detail of bronze railings of the upper gallery

RIBA45660MyZeil shopping centre, Palais Quartier, Frankfurt am Main: the continuous escalator cutting through the atrium

RIBA47789Port of London seen from the River Thames at Rotherhithe, Southwark, London

RIBA48916Library, Christ Church, Oxford: the staircase hall

RIBA51988Merchant Taylor's School, Northwood, London: the great hall seen from the gate house

RIBA53282Palazzo Reale, Piazzetta Reale, Turin: detail of the railings

RIBA53913Miss Surfleet's Preparatory School for Boys, Louth, Lincolnshire

RIBA54257Measured drawings of Lyme Park, near Disley, Cheshire: the main elevation, large archway and railings and well head

RIBA61248Peel harbour looking towards the castle on St Patrick's Isle

RIBA71569Lilley & Skinner shop and offices, Barrett Street, Westminster, London: the stair hall

RIBA86181Mary Ward Settlement (Passmore Edwards Settlement Buildings), Tavistock Place, London: detail of the area railings in front of the main entrance

RIBA111092Palais Garnier (Opera de Paris), Place de l'Opera, Paris: details of the side railings, columns and lighting fixtures

RIBA111093Palais Garnier (Opera de Paris), Place de l'Opera, Paris: plan and details of the side railings, lamps, columns and lighting fixtures

RIBA111096Palais Garnier (Opera de Paris), Place de l'Opera, Paris: plan, elevation and section of the railings and gate on the rear elevation


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