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RIBA10959Men's Social Club, Greendale Road, Port Sunlight: the pavilion and bowling green

RIBA14421Hostel for war workers: a games room in the Social Centre

RIBA24211Hoover Building, Perivale, London: Canteen Building Number 7 to the west of the original office building

RIBA25092Ipswich Airport, Suffolk: Aero Club building and squash court

RIBA25097Ipswich Airport, Suffolk: Aero Club squash court viewing gallery

RIBA34003Media Park 'Forum', Cologne: the main facade of building 4 seen from the piazza

RIBA46463Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, with Ski Dubai (an indoor ski slope) above

RIBA50574Harmsworth Memorial Playground, Coram's Fields, Bloomsbury, London: the Girl Guides' hall on the south side

RIBA50985Hostel and housing, National Recreation Centre, Crystal Palace, London: the games / common room

RIBA50986Hostel and housing, National Recreation Centre, Crystal Palace, London: the student dining hall

RIBA61804Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, Fitzrovia, London: the Grafton Way facade

RIBA61805Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, Fitzrovia, London, seen from the junction of Fitzroy Street and Grafton Way

RIBA93748Kalvebod Waves, Copenhagen

RIBA93749Kalvebod Waves, Copenhagen

RIBA93750Kalvebod Waves, Copenhagen

RIBA93751Kalvebod Waves, Copenhagen

RIBA93752Kalvebod Waves, Copenhagen

RIBA93753Kalvebod Waves, Copenhagen

RIBA93754Kalvebod Waves, Copenhagen

RIBA93755Kalvebod Waves, Copenhagen

RIBA93756Kalvebod Waves, Copenhagen

RIBA93757Kalvebod Waves, Copenhagen

RIBA106990Model of proposed Recreation Centre, Brixton, Lambeth, London

RIBA125875Municipal baths, Henry Square, Ashton-under-Lyme: exterior perpsective and plans


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