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RIBA20712Design for an unidentified villa with terraced garden in the Italianate style with mountains and a bay seen in the background

RIBA29027Design for Oatlands Park villa, Surrey, for Lord Lincoln: alternative ground floor plan

RIBA31764Design for Greek style house

RIBA31772Design for an unidentified villa

RIBA31806Design for a villa: side elevation

RIBA37136Design for a villa: elevation and plan

RIBA37354Design for an Italianate villa: elevation and plan

RIBA37357Design for a villa: elevation and plan

RIBA37358Design for a villa: elevation and plan

RIBA37360Design for a villa: ground floor plan and elevation of the entrance front

RIBA37361Design for a villa: the garden front

RIBA37362Design for a villa: north elevation and ground floor plan

RIBA37364Design for a villa: elevations of entrance and garden fronts and ground floor plan

RIBA37365Design for a villa: ground floor plan and elevation

RIBA37367Design for a villa: an elevation

RIBA37368Design for a villa: an elevation

RIBA37378Design for an Ionic villa: elevation

RIBA37785Design for a villa: elevation and plan

RIBA65115Design for a villa: sketch plan and elevation

RIBA66107Design for an astylar 5 x 5 bay villa of 70 feet front: plans of 1st and 2nd floors

RIBA82293Design for an entrance lodge for a villa in Dinder, for Edwin Lovell: ground floor plan, elevations and details

RIBA82402Design for a villa: elevation

RIBA82408Design for a villa: plan

RIBA82409Design for a villa: elevation of entrance front


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