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RIBA53464A little building intended for retirement or a study

RIBA11106A London Steak House

RIBA15609A loudspeaker, Exposition Internationale des Arts et des Techniques dans la Vie Moderne, Paris 1937

RIBA23757A Lyons Corner House, London

RIBA24622A Lyons Corner House, London: detail of light fittings

RIBA19029A main street of modernized nineteenth century shops in a New England city suburb

RIBA17485A malt kiln, Beccles, Suffolk

RIBA50742A maltings in East Anglia

RIBA50743A maltings in East Anglia: the hop silo

RIBA27647A medieval side street, Perigueux, Dordogne

RIBA108049A medieval street, Trogir

RIBA101151A microvoltmeter

RIBA9467A Mid-West house, Geneva

RIBA49702A modern caravan with extensions on a residential caravan site

RIBA17879A modern pound lock

RIBA17877A mooring ring on the dockside of the Sharpness Ship Canal

RIBA17831A mural on the corner of Ganton Street and Carnaby Street, London

RIBA17832A mural on the corner of Ganton Street and Carnaby Street, London: detail

RIBA17883A narrow boat arriving at a lock on the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal

RIBA66988A niche of a building near the Temple of Baal Shamin (Temple of the Signa or Temple of the Standards), Palmyra

RIBA62147A packed Red Arrow bus

RIBA62294A packed train in rush hour, London

RIBA14793A pair of adjoining cottages, Castleton, Derbyshire

RIBA51552A pair of arched door surrounds at 40 and 42 Stepney Way, Whitechapel, London


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