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Viceroy's House, New Delhi: the pergolaRIBA7470

Viceroy's House, New Delhi: the pergolaRIBA7471

Viceroy's House, New Delhi: the pool fountainsRIBA7456

Viceroy's House, New Delhi: the porticoRIBA7395

Viceroy's House, New Delhi: the round pool gardenRIBA7464

Viceroy's House, New Delhi: the south frontRIBA7389

Viceroy's House, New Delhi: the south-west terrace gardenRIBA7474

Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, London: the facade on Cromwell RoadRIBA7582

View of a domed grain store, Bankipore, BiharRIBA37150

View of a domed grain store, Bankipore, Bihar, with soldiers shown guarding the entrancesRIBA35776

View of All Saints Church (formerly All Hallows Church), NorthamptonRIBA84043

View of Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque, Tophane, Istanbul, seen from the street with part of the Tophane Fountain at the rightRIBA95141

View of part of the ruins of the Palace of Tirumalai Nayak with an open court in the foreground, Madurai, MadrasRIBA66409

View of the Festival of Britain South Bank site under construction: perspective showing the Dome of Discovery and surrounding exhibition buildingsRIBA32580

View of the Hutteapour Gate showing adjoining walls of the fortress-palace at Allahabad, Uttar PradeshRIBA66401

View of the inside of the Temple of Jupiter, Diocletian's Palace, Split (formerly Spalatro)RIBA16697

View of the Sala Rotunda at the Museo Pio Clementino, Vatican Museums, Rome, with museum visitors viewing Classical sculptures on displayRIBA21202

View of the Taj Mahal across the River Yamuna (Jumna) with a small pavilion in the right foreground, AgraRIBA37161

View of the Taj Mahal across the river Yamuna (Jumna) with elephants and figures in the foreground, Agra, Uttar PradeshRIBA66399

View of the Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh: interior view showing the emperor's tombsRIBA37229

View of the Villa Rotonda (Villa Almerico Capra), VicenzaRIBA66526

View of three Neoclassical garden pavilions, including the Du Barry pavilion, Louveciennes and the Duc du Chartres's pavilion (possibly Parc Monceau), ParisRIBA22533

View of Trajan's Forum, Rome: Trajan's Column, the churches of Santa Maria di Loreto and Santissimo Nome di MariaRIBA21105

View of Zeyrek Camii (Church of Christ Pantocrator), Istanbul: view of the ruins after the fire of 25 December 1834RIBA95139


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