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Tyroler apartment building, Harangvirag utca, Budapest: north elevationRIBA30060

Ulster Museum extension, Botanic Gardens, BelfastRIBA42582

Unexecuted design for a house for Mr and Mrs R. V. Palin on Church Road, Wallington: aerial perspective view of the house and gardenRIBA29700

Unexecuted design for a house on site 103, Frinton Park Estate, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex: elevation, plans and perspectiveRIBA29701

Unexecuted design for a prefabricated steel house as part of the All Steel Houses project, Los Angeles: perspective viewRIBA28549

Unexecuted design for Pyefleet, Tamarisk Way, Angmering-on-Sea, West SussexRIBA31192

Unexecuted design for Pyefleet, Tamarisk Way, Angmering-on-Sea, West Sussex: north and south elevations of the houseRIBA31187

Unidentifed housing, BrusselsRIBA91475

Unidentifed modern house with terraced balconyRIBA101148

Unidentified detached houseRIBA7557

Unidentified housing, LondonRIBA101061

Unidentified housing, LondonRIBA101039

Unidentified housing, LondonRIBA101062

Unidentified housing, LondonRIBA101069

Unidentified modern house with terraced balconyRIBA101149

Unidentified modern house: garden elevationRIBA50188

Unidentified palace, Genoa: detail of an upper floor balconyRIBA22319

Unidentified palazzo, VeniceRIBA89693

Unidentified tenement buildings, LondonRIBA10629

United States Embassy, Baghdad: the rear facade of the staff apartmentsRIBA56182

United Synagogue, Parkside, Dollis Hill, London: view from the galleryRIBA7311

University College (now University of Dar es Salaam), Dar es Salaam: balconies of Wolfson Hall, a women's hall of residenceRIBA57882

University College, Ibadan: covered walkway connecting the junior common room of Residential College 1 (Mellanby Hall) to one of the study bedroom wingsRIBA58495

University College, Ibadan: detail of the private balconies of a study bedroom wing of Residential College 1 (Mellanby Hall)RIBA58496


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