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RIBA13047Designs for the Roman Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Brownlow Hill, Liverpool: preliminary study

RIBA13048Design for Britannic House, Finsbury Circus, London: study for a facade

RIBA13049Design for Britannic House, Finsbury Circus, London: working details of an armchair in the chairman's room

RIBA13050Hampstead Garden Suburb, London: preliminary design for the central area taken on a N-S line through the estate

RIBA13051Designs for the Midland Bank Limited, Leadenhall Street, City of London: elevations from banking hall and vestibule

RIBA13052Designs for the Midland Bank Limited, Leadenhall Street, City of London: sections

RIBA13053Design for the Midland Bank Limited, Leadenhall Street, City of London: plans, sections and elevation

RIBA13054Design for 68 Pall Mall, St James's, London: perspective

RIBA13055Design for Country Life building, Tavistock Street, London:

RIBA13057Design for the Cenotaph, Whitehall, London: preliminary design

RIBA13059Design for the sunken Dutch Garden Court at Orchards, Godalming

RIBA13062Design for the gardener's cottage at Littleworth Clump (Littleworth Cross) now Squirrel Hill, near Seale, Surrey, for Henry Mangles Esq.: front elevation and section through front window and half-timbering above

RIBA13068Designs for a row of cottages called The Corner, Thursley: alterations and additions creating a single house

RIBA13069Designs for Clos du Dan, Varengeville-sur-Mer, for Guillaume Mallet: ground floor plan, elevations and section

RIBA13070Sketch design for a house, Mayville, Le Touquet

RIBA13071Design for a boathouse: floor plans and elevations

RIBA13073Competition design for A Country House: perspective looking north of garden front

RIBA13074Design for Buckhurst, Withyham: garden plan

RIBA13075Design for Buckhurst, Withyham: elevation, section and plan of basin opposite the new room

RIBA13076Sketch design for a horseless state carriage (i.e. a motor car in the shape of a carriage)

RIBA13444Design for Munstead Wood, Godalming

RIBA13482Design for Munstead Wood, Godalming

RIBA13485Design for Munstead Wood, Godalming

RIBA13487Design for Munstead Wood, Godalming


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