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RIBA3757Theatre of Bacchus, Athens, with James 'Athenian' Stuart shown sketching in the foreground

RIBA10071School of Surgery (Ecole de Chirurgie), Paris: the anatomy theatre

RIBA15881Theatre of Dionysis, Acropolis, Athens: the throne of the priest of Dionysus Eleutherios

RIBA27502Theatre and Agora, Messene

RIBA30625View of the interior of the Amphitheatre at Pola (Pula)

RIBA49582Sferisterio, Piazza Mazzini, Macerata

RIBA49583Sferisterio, Piazza Mazzini, Macerata

RIBA49584Sferisterio, Piazza Mazzini, Macerata: close-up of the colonnade and balustrade

RIBA49585Sferisterio, Piazza Mazzini, Macerata: close-up of the colonnades

RIBA55416Theatre, Delphi

RIBA59007Roman Theatre, Merida, Extremadura

RIBA66213View of the Colosseum, Rome

RIBA84546Site plan of Jerash showing amphitheatres and temples

RIBA113602View from the Parco del Celio, Rome, with the Colosseum on the right and the Arch of Constantine on the left

RIBA125363Studies of the Baths of Caracalla and the Colosseum, Rome: sketches for the plan of the baths, sections and studies for the orders of the Colosseum

RIBA125364Studies of the Colosseum and the Temple of Saturn, Rome: plan, sectional elevation drawn in perspective of the Colosseum, plan of the portico of the Temple of Saturn

RIBA125366Studies of architectural details of the Colosseum, Rome: profile of the Doric capital and architrave

RIBA125373Studies of architectural details of the Amphitheatre, Pula (Pola): sketches for the plan, elevations and details of the orders

RIBA125374Studies of architectural details of the Amphitheatre, Pula (Pola): sketches of the plan and elevation

RIBA125375Studies of architectural details of the Amphitheatre, Pula (Pola): details of the orders drawn in perspective

RIBA125376Studies of architectural details of the Amphitheatre, Pula (Pola): partial plan, elevation of a bay and sketches of the window grilles in the upper storey

RIBA125430Study of the Amphiteatrum Castrensis, Rome

RIBA125580Sketches for the reconstruction of the Baths on the Aventine and the Basilica of Domitian, Rome and a sketch of the Ludus, Zagarolo: (Baths) sketches for the reconstructed plan; (Basilica) sketches for the reconstructed elevation; (Amphiteatre) sketch plan


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