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RIBA5108Chapel, Old Royal Naval College (Royal Naval Hospital), Greenwich, London

RIBA6864Chapel Royal of St Peter- ad -Vincula, Tower Green, Tower of London: memorial tomb to Sir John Holland, Duke of Exeter, and a Constable of the Tower (d. 1447)

RIBA12999Charlotte Chapel and Charlotte Chapel Schools, Palace Street, London

RIBA14705Charterhouse Chapel, Chartehouse Square, West Smithfield, City of London: monument to Thomas Sutton (d.1611) showing the alabaster effigy of a recumbent Sutton on a tomb chest

RIBA15514Chapel Royal, Whitehall Palace, London: view of the chapel 'repaired and fitted up for the use of the regiments of the guards'

RIBA27724Chapel, Sassi di Matera, Basilicata

RIBA32449Chapel, Pension des Dames des Chariottes, Arras: front and side elevation with a plan of the facade

RIBA41592Chapel, Old Royal Naval College (Royal Naval Hospital), Greenwich, London: section of the roof timbers

RIBA47974Chapel, Gibside, County Durham

RIBA52042Chapel, Northampton General Hospital

RIBA52043Chapel, Northampton General Hospital: the south front

RIBA52044Chapel, Northampton General Hospital: the west front

RIBA52045Chapel, Northampton General Hospital: the entrance doorway

RIBA52046Chapel, Northampton General Hospital: looking from the gallery towards the chancel

RIBA52047Chapel, Northampton General Hospital: looking towards the main entrance

RIBA52048Chapel, Northampton General Hospital: the wrought iron screen to the chancel

RIBA52049Chapel, Northampton General Hospital: the sanctuary

RIBA53286Chapel, Gibside, County Durham: the principal front

RIBA53287Chapel, Gibside, County Durham: section through the chapel and mausoleum

RIBA53923Chapel, near Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

RIBA55319Chateau d'Anet: the chapel

RIBA58107Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace, London: the reredos with coupled fluted Corinthian columns supported by a wide broken segmental pediment

RIBA58923Chapel Royal, Dublin Castle: the nave

RIBA81801Chapel, Melsetter House, Hoy, Orkney: detail of stained glass window depicting St Margaret by Christopher Whall


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