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RIBA5282Grantham Town Hall, Lincolnshire: view of the clocktower with the statue of Isaac Newton in the foreground

RIBA10786George Heriot's School (or Heriot's Hospital), Edinburgh: the entrance and clock tower on the North Face

RIBA11484Greenwich Town Hall, Royal Hill, Greenwich, London: view of the entrance and clocktower

RIBA13645General Terminus of the Western Central Railroad, Hoboken: front elevation

RIBA17084Gillette Factory, Great West Road, London, at night

RIBA17858General Post Office, City Square, Leeds

RIBA24575Greenwich Town Hall, Royal Hill, Greenwich, London

RIBA32687Grand' Garde, Bureau de la Place, Lille: part elevation of the facade

RIBA47594Great Warehouse (now the Museum of Iron), Coalbrookdale, Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire: the cast-iron clock tower designed to advertise the Coalbrookedale Company's wares

RIBA51013Halifax Town Hall, West Yorkshire: the clock engraved above 'Delay Not To Do Well'

RIBA54926George's Dock Ventilation and Control Tower with the clock tower of the Royal Liver Building behind, Pier Head, Liverpool

RIBA72821Gillette Factory, Great West Road, London

RIBA73701Greenwich Town Hall, Royal Hill, Greenwich, London, seen from the north-east

RIBA73702Greenwich Town Hall, Royal Hill, Greenwich, London: the south-east elevation

RIBA78254Guildhall, Portsmouth: the clock tower

RIBA78255Guildhall, Portsmouth: the clock tower

RIBA80721Hallgrimskirkja, Skolavorduholt, Reykjavik

RIBA80722Hallgrimskirkja, Skolavorduholt, Reykjavik

RIBA88733General Land Centennial Exhibition, Prague: the Palace of Industry

RIBA90422Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred, Sodermanland: the clock tower

RIBA105192Great Reform Church, Debrecen

RIBA112094Geraniumschool, Hilversum

RIBA112095Geraniumschool, Hilversum

RIBA112096Geraniumschool, Hilversum: the central clock tower


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