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RIBA3817Columbia printing press at the Southwold Press

RIBA11897D.J. Mackenzie shop, High Street, Cromarty

RIBA18989Design for an iron gate

RIBA19018County Arcade, Victoria Quarter, Leeds

RIBA20427Design for a house featuring a turret, wrought iron balcony and an oriel window

RIBA20435Design for gates for a nobleman's residence to be executed in cast-iron or bronze

RIBA20685Design for an ornamental wrought iron stair railing for the main staircase, Kinfauns Castle, Kinfauns

RIBA22264Design for a decorative iron door hinge

RIBA22267Design for a wrought iron cabinet hinge

RIBA22287Coutances Cathedral: ornamental door hinges and ironwork elevation, details and sections

RIBA28968Decorative screen

RIBA31072Design for a wrought iron gate at Eton, Buckinghamshire: sketched elevation

RIBA32387Design for a church screen: elevation with section detail

RIBA36588Contract drawing for alterations to shop premises at 7 - 8 Cheap Street, Bath, for Messrs. Whatley: plan, elevations and details

RIBA43284Decorative ironwork handle on a restaurant or hotel door, Andalucia

RIBA47318Corner of Russell Square and passage towards Regengy Square, Brighton

RIBA51970Conchita Supervia's flat, Lowndes Square, London: corner of the main bedroom

RIBA51971Conchita Supervia's flat, Lowndes Square, London: the main bedroom

RIBA67308Design for a new front to a house for Mr Wood: elevation

RIBA68616Design for addition of verandahs, 1 Bath Place, New Road, London: elevation of the front in Brook Street with profile and elevation of the side of the house with plan showing it to be bowed

RIBA80680Croome Chapel, Croome D'Abitot, Worcestershire: detail of screen

RIBA98267Design for iron railing for Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London: elevation and section

RIBA98268Design for iron railing to the Clerk of Parliament's residence, Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London: plan, elevation and details

RIBA106616Design for a Gallery for Contemporary Works of Art (Galerie fur Werke der Kunst unserer Zeit), Vienna: perspective of the main entrance


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