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RIBA14794Chatsworth House, Derbyshire: the west front

RIBA21457Chelwood Vetchery (Vachery), East Sussex: view of the house and terraced gardens

RIBA21859Chelwood Vetchery (Vachery), East Sussex: view of the entrance to the house

RIBA25740Cirencester Park, Gloucestershire: Ivy Lodge in the heart of the park surrounded by four polo grounds

RIBA25741Cirencester Park, Gloucestershire: the Octagon

RIBA25742Cirencester Park, Gloucestershire: Pope's Seat

RIBA26550Chiswick House, London: the garden front

RIBA26551Chiswick House, London: the lawn lined with alternating urns and cypresses and closed by the exedra at the northern end

RIBA26552Chiswick House, London: the Ionic Temple and obelisk in the Orange Tree Garden

RIBA26553Chiswick House, London: an urn and the formal box planting in the Italian Garden

RIBA48142Christ Church College, Oxford: inner precincts

RIBA48635Church of All Saints and St Paul, Stewart Street, Crewe, Cheshire

RIBA69373Chiswick House, London: lion sculpture in the garden with the Ionic Temple in the background

RIBA74104Churchill Gardens Estate, Pimilico, London: the garden for one of the houses

RIBA74105Churchill Gardens Estate, Pimilico, London: one of the terraces of houses

RIBA80427Chenies Manor, Buckinghamshire

RIBA80428Chenies Manor, Buckinghamshire: the gardens with dovecote beyond

RIBA81866Chatsworth, Derbyshire

RIBA89056Chemin de Pouillerel, La Chaux de Fonds: a seating area

RIBA93074Chiostro delle Clarisse, Santa Chiara, Naples: detail of the fountain surrounded by majolica tiles

RIBA93075Chiostro delle Clarisse, Santa Chiara, Naples: the colonnades with tiled benches

RIBA97218Chehel Sotun (The Forty Columns) pavilion, Isfahan: plans of the pavilion and of the gardens in which it sits

RIBA113642Church of Santa Sabina, Aventine Hill, Rome: the convent garden

RIBA114925Cistercian abbey, Bronnbach, Wertheim: the gardens


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