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RIBA8874Warwick Grove and Springfield blocks of flats, Clapton, London: sitting room

RIBA10277The human figure as a study of symmetry and proportion

RIBA20005Town arms, Agrigento, Sicily

RIBA20906Study of a nude man probably taken from an Old Master painting

RIBA21109Two caricature portraits: one showing a yawning woman identified as 'M.B.' and another depicting a man seated on a couch, entitled 'Portrait of G.S.'

RIBA21255Study of a section of the Parthenon frieze, originally from the Acropolis, Athens: detail of the Athenian cavalry and their horses

RIBA21306Traced portrait of a boy holding a flower, from the Palace of Ichah, Isfahan

RIBA21338Study of a relief sculpture fragment from the cave temple of Rameswara, Ellora, depicting human figures

RIBA21689Study of a fragment of antique sculpture, from the Giardino Colonna (Colonna Gardens) in Rome

RIBA22517Study for a stained glass window for the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Kemsing, Kent, depicting the head of a bearded saint or prophet in profile

RIBA29738The Raising of Lazarus: illustration of the Old Testament showing Christ bringing the dead body of Lazarus to life, surrounded by onlookers

RIBA31688Unidentified scene from Classical antiquity showing draped figures and naked dancers in an colonnaded temple or palace setting

RIBA32156Study of a carved vaulting corbel in the form of a human figure from the chapter house, Durham Cathedral

RIBA32476Study of the head of a glazed terracotta angel from a church altarpiece by Andrea Della Robbia, Milan

RIBA35641Studies of male nudes copied from Renaissance prints or paintings by Michelangelo

RIBA36286Study of a naked male figure with arms outstretched, positioned within a square, with accompanying text

RIBA38308Study of a naked male figure with arms outstretched and a detail of the head, both with proportions marked

RIBA44854The Black Friar, Queen Victoria Street, Blackfriars, City of London: the bronze bas-relief 'Tomorrow will be Friday' in the saloon bar crafted by Henry Poole

RIBA51623Tripylon Hall, Persepolis: detail of bas relief of processional figures on north staircase

RIBA82214Unidentified wall painting, possibly located in a garden on the right-hand side of the road leading from the Colosseum to Santo Stefano Rotondo, Rome

RIBA82220Wall painting found in a small temple in 1699, Vigna Naro (near Porta San Sebastiano), Rome

RIBA82221Wall painting found at the villa of Monsignor Corsini, Casino dei Quattro Venti, Porta San Pancrazio, Rome


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