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RIBA3932Design for a monument

RIBA12224Design for a monument in the form of an Ionic column

RIBA12257Design for a memorial to Princess Charlotte, daughter of George IV

RIBA13378Design for a monument of Sir Robert Peel

RIBA20541Design for a monument to a Lady

RIBA20711Design for a monument to Lady Cotton, St Chad's Church, Norton in Hales, Shropshire

RIBA21424Design for a monument to commemorate the Siege of Yorktown, 1781: elevation, detail and plans

RIBA22514Design for a memorial to the pioneering female surgeon Dame Louisa Aldrich-Blake, Tavistock Gardens Square, London

RIBA29113Design for a memorial to the Countess of Shrewsbury (Bess of Hardwick), Church of All Saints (later Derby Cathedral), Derby

RIBA29305Design for a monument in the form of a Temple of Liberty

RIBA29518Design for a monument or tomb featuring a portrait bust

RIBA29519Design for a monument to a military hero: elevation of a wall tablet incorporating a carved relief depicting an inscribed tomb surmounted by a portrait bust and military flags backed by a large draped flag and crossed canons

RIBA29558Design for a memorial to Lt Henry Tennant: Church of St Mary the Virgin, Rolvenden, Kent

RIBA31351Design for a monument to Admiral Lord Nelson produced for Alexander Davison: elevation with text detailing Nelson's victories, honours and rewards

RIBA31411Design for a monument featuring sculptures of Britannia and a relief portrait surmounted by an angel holding a wreath

RIBA35152Design for a memorial to Lord Moynihan: preliminary study for a bust set in a hollowed opening in the wall

RIBA36614Design for a memorial to a composer: elevation

RIBA36677Design for a monument to Admiral Collingwood, Cathedral of St Nicholas, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: elevation with sketched details

RIBA65129Design for a monument to a naval victory: plan and elevation

RIBA65144Design for a monument to John Bristow and his wife, Ann Judith Foissin: plan of plinth and elevation of plinth with urn

RIBA65233Design for a monument in the form of a sarcophagus bearing a relief profile portrait of a man

RIBA66193Design for a monument of medieval tomb-chest type for Sir R. Pudsey, Church of St Peter, Bolton, Lancashire

RIBA66236Design for a monument to Colonel Roger Barnston in Chester Cathedral: plan and elevation

RIBA68948Design for a monument in memory of Admiral Lord Nelson


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