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RIBA18829Ionic capitals

RIBA18907Ionic capital

RIBA20545Measured drawing of the Collegio Romano, Rome: plan and elevation of an Ionic capital

RIBA21075Measured drawings of the Temple of Vesta (Temple of the Sibyl), Tivoli: section

RIBA28379Ionic hexastyle Portico

RIBA28380Ionic capital and entablature

RIBA28400Ionic capital and base

RIBA29583Measured section and details of Ionic capital volutes from the Erechtheion and the Temple of Minerva Polias, Athens

RIBA31839Measured drawing of the Arch of Jupiter Ammon, Verona: half plan and elevation, detail of the order

RIBA34972Ionic capital, British Museum, Bloomsbury, London

RIBA66445Measured drawings of details of the Doric order

RIBA66446Measured drawings of details of the Tuscan order

RIBA66447Measured drawings of details of the Doric order

RIBA66448Measured drawings of details of the Doric order

RIBA66449Measured drawings of details of the Doric order

RIBA66450Measured and annotated drawing of a Classical column

RIBA66451Measured and annotated drawings of Classical column bases

RIBA67931Measured drawings of orders: the Corinthian order

RIBA67932Measured drawings of orders: the Corinthian order

RIBA67933Measured drawings of orders: the Roman or Composite order

RIBA67934Measured drawings of orders: the Tuscan and Doric orders

RIBA85701Ionic order: base, pedestal and impost mouldings

RIBA95529Ionic order

RIBA125367Measured drawing of the Colosseum, Rome: elevation, profile of the imposts and pedestals and bases drawn in perspective


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