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RIBA16912Designs for raking mouldings and modilions in pediments

RIBA29746Designs for second scheme for rebuilding Gopsall Hall, Gopsall, Leicestershire (Group IV): elevation and plan of the entrance portico

RIBA29782Designs for the third scheme for rebuilding Gopsall Hall, Gopsall, Leicestershire: the south front

RIBA30583Designs for St George's Hall and the Assize Courts, Lime Street, Liverpool: detail of pediment soffit stonework on the south portico of St George's Hall

RIBA35657Ecole de Chirugie, Paris: part perspective and section of the courtyard and portico

RIBA38268Detail of a Doric frieze incorporating a boucranion (bull's skull) motif

RIBA38272Elevation of a Doric temple front

RIBA58400Duke of York's Barracks, Chelsea, London: the entrance portico

RIBA65366Designs for the Church of St Bartholomew, Moor Lane, London: sketch elevation with central pediment and rough perspective from the south-west

RIBA85757Doorway: elevation with plan

RIBA92311Eastern Dispensary, Cleveland Place East, Bath

RIBA95319Designs for the Cenotaph, Barrackpore, for Lord Minto: front elevation (scheme A)

RIBA97169Designs for the Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London: part elevation of south facade showing alternative design for towers with a pediment between them

RIBA115870Drapers' Almshouses, Bromley-by-Bow, London, prior to restoration: the pedimented chapel front

RIBA125671Elevation of an arched entrance gateway with niches in the piers at either side, with a tablet above centre with a triangular pediment and, at either side above the arch, reversed segmental pediments with reclining figures

RIBA125673Elevation of an arched entrance gateway with a complicated decorative scheme

RIBA125674Elevation of a city (?) gateway with a large arched central entrance and very narrow doors either side with very elongated voussoirs above them and a triangular pediment

RIBA125675Elevation of an arched gateway with a relatively simple lower part, a broken segmental pediment surmounted by military trophies and framing an elaborate cartouche flanked by two female supporters

RIBA125677Elevation of an arched entrance with alternative designs for certain elements to left and right

RIBA125681Elevation of an arched entrance plainly rusticated, with triangular pediment surmounted by flaming grenades and a blank shield in the pediment

RIBA125685Elevation of an arched entrance supported on piers having a keystone with lion mask, broken segmental pediment with blank cartouche and surmounted by a triangular pediment

RIBA125792Elevation of an entrance doorway or gateway with an entablature supported by winged herms

RIBA125793Elevation of an arched entrance with alternate designs right and left, the cypher P and reversed B in a laurel wreath over the curved pediment common to both designs; to the right, the side elevation of the entablature supported by winged figure with console base

RIBA126006Designs for Westminster College, Harcourt Hill, Oxford: roof details of chapel


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