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RIBA10455Relaxing on Palace Pier, Brighton

RIBA10599Regency street, Bristol: a cat between the railings of street steps

RIBA10621Queen Anne's Gate, London

RIBA18906Railings for spiral and curved staircases

RIBA19366Regatta Restaurant, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London: landward flank looking towards Sea and Ships Pavilion and Nelson Pier

RIBA19390Power and Production Pavilion, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London: glazed end of the show-hall for finished products facing the river

RIBA20312Sketch of the facade of the church of Sant' Andrea in Via Flaminia, Rome, with studies of pedestals, balusters and an iron balustrade

RIBA22001Portman Square, London: perspective view of the north side

RIBA22723Public Library, Cornwall Street, Plymouth: perspective view of the entrance facade

RIBA24556Royal Horticultural Halls, Westminster, London: the New Hall (later renamed the Lawrence Hall)

RIBA33276Regent's Canal in winter, London

RIBA33654Sant'Elia nursery school, Como: the ramps leading to the roof

RIBA38649Regency street bollard, London

RIBA47634Reclining marble figure depicting mourning on a tombstone in the graveyard of St Mary's Priory Church, Castle Hill, Lancaster

RIBA49009Seckford Hospital, Woodbridge, Suffolk: the central bay

RIBA51856Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, Suffolk: the Assembly Hall block seen from one of the classroom blocks

RIBA52128Sheldonian Theatre, Broad Street, Oxford

RIBA53884Roadside railings

RIBA71974School at Bjursas, Gothenburg, Sweden: the entrance hall and stairs

RIBA72644RMS Orion: the main staircase

RIBA73578Royal Horticultural Halls, Westminster, London: the New Hall (later renamed the Lawrence Hall) seen from the upper balcony

RIBA80028Queen's Cross Church, 866 Garscube Road, Glasgow: detail of the railings

RIBA88909Sheldon House office building at Paternoster Square, City of London with the railings of St Paul's Churchyard in the foreground


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