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RIBA11201Dismantling of old Waterloo Bridge, London

RIBA12440Design for Southwark Bridge, London

RIBA12838Design for County Hall, Lambeth, London

RIBA12839Design for the river front of County Hall, Lambeth, London

RIBA20302Design for the extension of Crayford Garden Village, Kent, including a cinema, housing and the River Cray

RIBA20622Designs for a pedestrian precinct incorporating Old Palace Yard and Parliament Square, Westminster, London

RIBA21276Designs for Hungerford Market, Charing Cross, London: south view of the market from the river

RIBA22298Designs for post-war reconstruction of the City of London: bird's-eye perspective showing the proposed layout of the south area of the precinct surrounding St Paul's Cathedral

RIBA29357Design for Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear: perspective view across the River Tyne

RIBA29358Design for Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear: perspective views

RIBA29766Design for the Old Bridge over the River Taff, Pontypridd: elevation

RIBA31219Design for an office building for the General Steam Navigation Company Limited, Brewers Quay, Lower Thames Street, London: perspective view from the river

RIBA31290Design for the approach to a proposed 'St Paul's Bridge' across the River Thames, London: perspective view and plan of St Paul's Cathedral and surrounding buildings

RIBA36474Designs for improvements to the Old Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London: elevation and plan showing a rusticated gateway with steps leading down to the River Thames

RIBA36674Design for an octagonal entrance lodge in a Tudor style, for Cobham Hall, Cobham, Kent: perspective view

RIBA37073Distant view of a town on the river Rhine with a bridge and a tree in the foreground and a detail of the church tower

RIBA37852Design for the Thames Embankment, London

RIBA38358Diagrams illustrating how to plot land incorporating irregularly shaped bodies of water

RIBA41484Designs for post-war reconstruction of the City of London: elevation showing buildings fronting onto the River Thames between Blackfriars and Southwark bridges

RIBA47235Docks on the River Ouse, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire

RIBA47826Dock winch, Bankside, Southwark, London, at dusk

RIBA49959Dockside at night, King's Lynn, Norfolk

RIBA61864Dockside on the River Hull

RIBA94823Design for Lambeth Bridge, London: perspective of the first design


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