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RIBA4497Roadside advertising for Olivetti sales, Rome

RIBA10256Regent's Quadrant, London

RIBA11747Road in the Burren, County Clare

RIBA15301Road intersection, Los Angeles

RIBA17670Regent Street, London:the quadrant looking north

RIBA19146Road signage in Williamsburg

RIBA30764Robin Hood Gardens under construction, Tower Hamlets, London

RIBA34689Rest area on Riksvei 55, Liasand, Sognefjellet

RIBA34690Rest area on Riksvei 55, Liasand, Sognefjellet

RIBA34691Rest area on Riksvei 55, Liasand, Sognefjellet

RIBA34692Rest area on Riksvei 55, Liasand, Sognefjellet

RIBA38663Roadside sign to Stow, Burford and Northleach on the Stow Road at Chipping Campden, Cotswolds

RIBA40196Public park along a road in Dubai

RIBA48238Raploch estate, Stirling: water-logged spare land behind the houses needing to be hard surfaced

RIBA50681Road markings, Lungo Tevere, Rome

RIBA50698Roadside concrete benches, Belgirate on Lake Maggiore

RIBA50714Road lined with poplars, Compiegne, Picardy

RIBA50752Road markings, Cumbernauld

RIBA50753Road signage on the Taunton - Exeter main road

RIBA50754Road sign at Wedmore indicating the B-road to Cheddar, Somerset

RIBA61251Road with stone walling, Peel

RIBA62140Road traffic seen from a taxi in central London

RIBA62720Road signage on Hampstead Road approaching the junction of Tottenham Court Road and Euston Road, Camden, London

RIBA89136Road leading up to Notre Dame du Haut, Ronchamp


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