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RIBA9164Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Cambridge

RIBA9228Church of St Mary (the Lower Church), Rickinghall Inferior, Suffolk: the round-tower with Gothic belfry

RIBA9472Church of Sveti Donat, Zadar

RIBA9896Cicero's tomb, Formia

RIBA16284Cirque Napoleon, Paris

RIBA16285Cirque Napoleon, Paris: section

RIBA16299Circus, Cairo: section, plan and details

RIBA17587Circular classroom pavilion

RIBA17588Circular classroom pavilion

RIBA17605City Library, Stockholm

RIBA26261Churchill Gardens Estate, Pimlico, London: the link between the pumphouse and the heat-accumulator

RIBA27611Cifte Minareli Medrese (Seminary of the Twin Minarets), Erzurum: the conical roof of the Hatuniye turbe (tomb)

RIBA30759Circul de Stat, Bucharest: the state circus

RIBA101294Circular Cottage, Blaise Hamlet, Henbury

RIBA101301Circular Cottage, Blaise Hamlet, Henbury

RIBA101302Circular Cottage, Blaise Hamlet, Henbury

RIBA101303Circular Cottage, Blaise Hamlet, Henbury

RIBA101448Cineac building, 265 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, Paris: the ticket office

RIBA107966Church of St Donatus, Zadar

RIBA107967Church of St Donatus, Zadar

RIBA107968Church of St Donatus, Zadar

RIBA107969Church of St Donatus, Zadar

RIBA107977Church of St Donatus, Zadar, with the campanile of St Anastasia on the right

RIBA107978Church of St Donatus, Zadar


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