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RIBA19255Villa Caudano, Turin

RIBA22452View of council flat blocks probably in south London

RIBA24098Villa Schminke, Lobau, Saxony: view of the dining room and the main bedroom which open on to terraces with a view over the garden

RIBA28766View from John Craxton's balcony, Hania, Crete

RIBA29392View of a row of townhouses probably in London

RIBA29393View of a row of riverside houses, probably in London

RIBA32016View of houses on Park Lane, facing Hyde Park, London: perspective

RIBA32107View of houses at Sion Hill, Clifton, Bristol: perspective view with parkland in the foreground

RIBA32713View of a fondouk (an arcaded courtyard building in which animals would reside downstairs and humans upstairs) with laundry drying on lines, Sfax

RIBA33788Villa Bianca, Strada statale dei Giovi, Seveso: close-up of the overhang of the living area balcony

RIBA39976Villa Steneresen, Tuengen alle 10C, Oslo

RIBA39977Villa Steneresen, Tuengen alle 10C, Oslo

RIBA44719Villa La Scala, Portese del Garda: balcony and terrace

RIBA46912Villa Marina, The Promenade, Craigside, Llandudno: the seaside facade

RIBA48271Victorian terraced houses with ornate wrought-iron balconies, Whitby, North Yorkshire

RIBA56676Villa in Slovakia

RIBA56797Villa in Jevany, Prague

RIBA64785Viceroy Close, Bristol Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham

RIBA64792Viceroy Court, Prince Albert Road, Regent's Park, London: the corner of the Eamont Street front

RIBA64793Viceroy Court, Prince Albert Road, Regent's Park, London: the corner living room balconies seen from the roof

RIBA64795Viceroy Court, Prince Albert Road, Regent's Park, London: close-up of a corner living room balcony and curved supporting pier

RIBA93106Villa del Cardinale, Torre del Greco, Naples: the enrance facade

RIBA106767Villa Leoni, Lake Como

RIBA106770Villa Leoni, Lake Como


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