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RIBA19255Villa Caudano, Turin

RIBA22452View of council flat blocks probably in south London

RIBA24098Villa Schminke, Lobau, Saxony: view of the dining room and the main bedroom which open on to terraces with a view over the garden

RIBA28766View from John Craxton's balcony, Hania, Crete

RIBA29392View of a row of townhouses probably in London

RIBA29393View of a row of riverside houses, probably in London

RIBA32016View of houses on Park Lane, facing Hyde Park, London: perspective

RIBA32107View of houses at Sion Hill, Clifton, Bristol: perspective view with parkland in the foreground

RIBA32713View of a fondouk (an arcaded courtyard building in which animals would reside downstairs and humans upstairs) with laundry drying on lines, Sfax

RIBA33552Vaudeville Studio, BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London

RIBA33788Villa Bianca, Strada statale dei Giovi, Seveso: close-up of the overhang of the living area balcony

RIBA39976Villa Steneresen, Tuengen alle 10C, Oslo

RIBA44719Villa La Scala, Portese del Garda: balcony and terrace

RIBA46912Villa Marina, The Promenade, Craigside, Llandudno: the seaside facade

RIBA48271Victorian terraced houses with ornate wrought-iron balconies, Whitby, North Yorkshire

RIBA56676Villa in Slovakia

RIBA56797Villa in Jevany, Prague

RIBA64785Viceroy Close, Bristol Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham

RIBA64792Viceroy Court, Prince Albert Road, Regent's Park, London: the corner of the Eamont Street front

RIBA64793Viceroy Court, Prince Albert Road, Regent's Park, London: the corner living room balconies seen from the roof

RIBA64795Viceroy Court, Prince Albert Road, Regent's Park, London: close-up of a corner living room balcony and curved supporting pier

RIBA93106Villa del Cardinale, Torre del Greco, Naples: the enrance facade

RIBA106767Villa Leoni, Lake Como

RIBA106770Villa Leoni, Lake Como


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