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RIBA7108Wohnstadt Carl Legien, Berlin

RIBA7109Wohnstadt Carl Legien, Berlin

RIBA8693Willesden Green Federated Synagogue, Heathfield Park, London

RIBA44479Wilkins Hall, King's College, Cambridge: the gallery and the hammer-beam roof after redecoration

RIBA44906Windsor Castle public house, 98 Park Road, Regent's Park, London: the bow-fronted entrance facade

RIBA47922Westgate House, Louth, Lincolnshire

RIBA51586Westminster City Lending Library, 4-8 Charing Cross Road, London: the main library

RIBA56927Westminster Theatre Arts Centre, Palace Street, Buckingham Palace Road, London: the auditorium seen from the stage

RIBA59907Whitecliffs, The Leas, Folkestone

RIBA59908Whitecliffs, The Leas, Folkestone

RIBA74264Wildberger House, Binningen, near Basel

RIBA75256Winstanley Estate, Battersea, London: detail of one of the pedestrian courtyards

RIBA81139Wilson Railway Station, Prague: detail of the clock

RIBA86614Wolfson Building, St Anne's College, Oxford: detail of the facade, showing the precast balcony units

RIBA86615Wolfson Building, St Anne's College, Oxford: detail of the precast balcony units

RIBA86764Wolfson College, Oxford:elevation showing the study bedrooms nearing completion

RIBA86765Wolfson College, Oxford: elevation showing the study bedrooms nearing completion

RIBA86768Wolfson College, Oxford: elevation with the study bedrooms

RIBA86769Wolfson College, Oxford: elevation showing the study bedroom nearing completion

RIBA86770Wolfson College, Oxford: detail of the facade showing the study bedroom balconies

RIBA86771Wolfson College, Oxford, nearing completion

RIBA86786Wolfson College, Oxford: looking onto the grassed courtyard and the River Cherwell from one of the glazed balconies

RIBA88806White's Club, 37-38 St James's Street, London: detail of ground-floor bow

RIBA116669West End Sidings Estate, West Hampstead, London: looking out onto the balcony


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