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Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset), Kungsholmen, Stockholm: detail of relief flanking the northern entry, showing the modern cityRIBA108213

Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset), Kungsholmen, Stockholm: the northern entranceRIBA108211

Stone angel, Dean's Yard, Westminster Abbey, LondonRIBA47837

Stone lion on Trout Island in front of the Trout Inn, WolvercoteRIBA52132

Stone lion with the Campanile behind, PortmeirionRIBA48175

Stone roundel, Dean's Yard, Westminster Abbey, LondonRIBA47839

St-Ours' Church, Loches, showing a portal and the naveRIBA13970

Structural sculpture, Lake Tequesquitengo, MorelosRIBA17911

Structural sculpture, Plaza de los Abanicos, Lomas de Cuernavaca, MorelosRIBA17912

Student design for a church facade in a whimsical Baroque styleRIBA31261

Student design for a monumental water gate: perspective drawing showing water traffic in the foreground and an idealised city in the backgroundRIBA21058

Student design for a triumphal archway: elevationRIBA21069

Student hostels, Teachers' Training College, Loughborough, seen from the car park with sculpture entitled 'The King' by John WillatsRIBA86406

Studies of antique statuesRIBA29491

Studies of antique statuesRIBA29492

Studies of antique statuesRIBA29496

Studies of antique statuesRIBA29497

Studies of antique statuesRIBA29498

Studies of antique statuesRIBA29499

Studies of Classical stone fragments depicting figures carved in bas reliefRIBA20945

Studies of four antique statuesRIBA29489

Studies of gargoyle faces: frontal and profile sketchesRIBA35992

Study of a bust of Charles II from the north front of Old Hungerford Market, LondonRIBA29521

Study of a capital and entablature from the cave temple of Jagannatha Sabha, ElloraRIBA21344


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